When the End Comes, Where Will You Be?



  • Afew weeks ago in spending time with the God he led me to Mark 13. My heart rejoices and in deep love for our gracious Heavenly Father. Today I woke up and listen to this message and I praise our God for anointing Pastor Conlon. The truth and revelations of days to come. The world is in panic and I sometime stumble through my day feeling the fear. May God watch over me, gives me courage and let my heart be guarded by the truth and words of God! Psalm 46;10 “ Be still and know that I am GoD.”

  • Dear Past Conlon, your messages pushed me to search for God as I have never searched for Him before. Glory to God alone…I have come to realize that my life can make a difference…because I can pray. If it is the only thing I can do, may God help me to never give up. His name will be praised for what He is busy doing here in South Africa, many are praying. May Jesus’s love pour through me to the still lost ones. Thanks for bringing truth in confusing times. Hallelujah, praise God forevermore!

  • I love this message Jesus has been on my mind for a long time and I am not saved please pray for me that the lord can help me see his message and understand it I want to follow him.

  • Oh how I’m blesses when I hear your messages/ sermons . Praise God praise God ! No false teaching here. True bible preaching ! Thank you !

  • Awesome message and pure truth from God’s Word in these last days. Keep up this anointed preaching Pastor Conlon!! ❤️

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