• Thank you for your honest and insightful words, it is really inspiring me to realise the purpose that God has for my life. Do continue in the grace of God

  • Hey, thanks Carter for the very helpful information.
    You have really inspired me in my own calling thanks for all you do. I wish you the best.

    take care,

  • Thank you Carter for your for this inspired message from the Holy Spirit. Filled with so much wisdom and encouragement. It truly spoke to my heart to stay steadfast in CHRIST JESUS. Thank you again. GOD BLESS you. In CHRIST.

  • Thank you, Lord Jesus, for this message! Thank you for finally giving me understanding and Your truth about this parable! All glory be to the Lord God Almighty for His truth being faithfully handed out by his servant! Praise You, Lord Jesus! And thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!

  • Thank you very much i just posted the phrase well done good and faithful servant on the guest book of the obituary for stefan stefanson (icelandic actor Grinch etc) and then i looked it up to learn more and found you and your words comfort me and gove me hope maybe i will meet you one day

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