Get Ready to Take a Journey

Just like the people of Israel in that day, I speak in my heart prophetically that God is preparing His church for a journey one more time. They were told to go into their houses, get the blood of the Lamb on their doorposts, in other words, make sure that salvation is in your house…

Pastor Carter Conlon

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Judie Reed May 31, 2020 at 11:40 am

We are on that journey no Doubt about it! I would like to send you a copy of a devotional book I wrote in 1998! It is messages the Lord gave me over a three year period! I have several boxes of my books left in my garage! I have asked the LORD who I I could give them to and I would like to share them with the women of your church! It will be expensive to send them and I need your leadership to OK this gift! I am so blessed to sit under your teaching and preaching!!

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