A Call to the Nation

A Call to the Nation


  • Dec 29

    Kneel Before God So You Can Stand Before Your Enemies


    I challenge you with all my heart. The hour is very, very late. And everything that we’ve ever cherished is being stolen right out from under our feet.

  • Dec 22

    White Christmas: A Closer Look


    White Christmas, composed by Irving Berlin, and sung so memorably by Bing Crosby in the movie by the same name, is familiar to many. It's definitely a song for the season, but for more reasons than you may realize. And Carter Conlon, will take you deeper ...

  • Dec 15

    Jesus Always Gets the Last Word


    We have no idea anymore that His words have the power to create a universe. His words have the power to speak to the deepest darkness and command there to be light.

  • Dec 8

    Escaping the Taskmasters


    There’s a task mastery that comes into the house of God sometimes that causes the people to focus on building other things than what really matters and is eternal.

  • Dec 1

    It's Time For the Weak to Rise


    It’s time for the weak to rise. It’s time for the church to stand on her feet again. Let them us names, it means nothing. It’s time for the church to speak truth.

  • Nov 24

    Excuse Me, Do You Know What Time it Is?


    It’s high time to wake out of sleep. For now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. It’s time to let ourselves hear the cry of those who have no voice that can cry out for them but us.

  • Nov 17

    Stepping into the Light


    I’ll take you places you could never go in your own strength. And I’ll make you into what you could never hope to be, by any amount of human effort. But first, it’s time to stop fighting against God, and it’s time ...

  • Nov 10

    Having Light in the Midnight Hour


  • Nov 3

    Finding the Strength We Once Heard Of


  • Oct 27

    Who Told You You Were Saved?


  • Oct 20



  • Oct 13

    Pray While You Still Can


  • Oct 6

    Rebuilding The Wall of Prayer


  • Sep 29

    A Dry Stick At a Religious Meeting


    "But oh God--in the midst of what seems to be a place of "plenty", I've gotten dry. Have you ever had that happen in your life? You say, 'I don't have anything to give. I can barely sing.'"

  • Sep 22

    Moving to the Other Side of Prayer


    "It starts with prayer. And then it finishes with you and I moving to where God is leading us to bring about the answer."

  • Sep 15

    Is It Ever A Victory When God Says No


    "When our trust remains in the Lord--it's in that condition that our lives, not only won't be overcome, but we will become a testimony."

  • Sep 8

    Remember the Prisoners


    "The writer says, 'remember the prisoners as if chained with them.' Remember those...remember, no matter how they fight against you."

  • Sep 1

    Keep Silent Before Me


    "Keep silence every devil of hell! Keep silent every contrary argument, every thought in the mind, every frailty of the human heart. God says, 'keep silent!'"

  • Aug 25

    Lustful Pray-ers


    "Seek first the Kingdom of God, not looking for happiness in Christ, but going back in a sense to that which governed your life before you knew Him as Savoir."

  • Aug 18

    He Will Show You Things to Come


    "I will do something so profound in your life, that those who do not worship God will bow at your feet and have to acknowledge that I have loved you. That is something to come."

  • Aug 11

    America and Its Children Need Deliverance


    "So here we are, with a generation of young people who are moonstruck, embracing a way forward that is proven to be lunatic."

  • Aug 4

    I'm Looking For Volunteers


    “God is saying to this generation, ‘Who will volunteer to let me set them free? Who will volunteer to let me fill that emptiness in their heart?’”

  • Jul 28

    It's Time To Go Through Your Open Door


    “You have no idea in your hunger for God, what kind of doors are going to open before you, and how many people’s lives will be affected because you were so thirsty for Him.”

  • Jul 21

    The Mark of the Godly


    “There will be a people who simply gravitate back to the truth that was conveyed to us from the founders of the church of Jesus Christ.”

  • Jul 14

    What Difference Can I Make?


    “There is a burden that comes into the heart, and it sets us to self denial—it sets us to fasting and praying. And saying, ‘God, what difference can my life make?’”

  • Jul 7

    From a Mess to an Enduring Message


    “All things are available to those who ask. Ask, and it will be given you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it will be open to you.”

  • Jun 30

    Pushing Back This Present Darkness


    "Today I want you to know that your shame can be covered. No matter what you have been doing, or how you have been behaving. If you are willing to get up and come back, there is a covering for your shame."

  • Jun 23

    Are You The Reason for the Season


    "It's time to believe that God can use my life on this journey. He can use me for great, great good if I am willing to call out to Him and obey Him when He speaks."

  • Jun 16

    Finding Purpose in Your Storm


    "I'm going to give you such an influence. I am going to give you influence because you are the only one who is going to have a solution and a purpose in the midst of the storm."

  • Jun 9

    When Favor Asks for Faith


    "He's not asking you for faith to procure favor. His favor has come to you. He's asking you now for faith to believe His favor has come."

  • Jun 2

    Thoughts On Faith and Prayer


    “This is how we pray, ‘God—spare Your People. Don’t let Your heritage become a laughing stock.’”

  • May 26

    Why Am I So Down


    "Not by might, not by power, but by Your spirit oh God. I will become everything You’ve promised that I will be."

  • May 19

    When the Lord Passes By


    "You no longer want the Lord God to govern you, America as a nation. Yet in spite of all this, the Lord is passing by one more, and perhaps one last time."

  • May 12

    It All Began With a Thirsty Woman


    "Whoever drinks of the water, that you are drawing from this well will thirst again. But I have water for you, that if you will receive it, you will never thirst again."

  • May 5

    Who Is Willing To Pray?


    "There is power when we pray. There is power to expose these deceptive trees for what they are. There is power to command them to stop deceiving the multitudes."

  • Apr 28

    More Than Ever…It’s Time to Pray


    "If ever there was a day, when we, as a people have to begin to pray, it has to be now."

  • Apr 21

    The Risen Church


    "Today I want to take a look at what Jesus Christ did after He was raised from the dead, before He ascended in to Heaven. Because I believe that in these passages of scripture He has given us a pattern of what we are to look ...

  • Apr 14

    Thoughts On Faith and Prayer


    And we pray a prayer like this, “God, whatever it costs me in the future, if you are with me I know I can get through it. And so I make the choice to get up and go.”

  • Apr 7

    Heaven's View of Our Failures


    "I see a people—a unique people, a peculiar people—called to show for the light of God in the midst of darkness."

  • Mar 31

    Go and Gather the Empty


    God says, “Here’s my plan: I want you to take the little bit you have and I want you to start to pour it into the empty. And you’re going to see that inside of you I am a river of life.”

  • Mar 24

    Delivered To Deliver


    We have been called and commissioned by the Spirit of Almighty God to bear witness in the earth, to not only the redemption of our God, but also the power of our God.

  • Mar 17

    Jesus, Wash My Feet


    You want to be great? Find the lowest place, find the lowest task. Do it before God with all your heart and you will be greatest in the kingdom of God.

  • Mar 10

    Is This Your First or Last Year


    I’m concerned in the church of Jesus Christ in our generation that many people are bypassing holy and trying to get to happy too soon.

  • Mar 3

    The Sycamore Tree


    Bitterness is the only sin in the Bible that is described as a “root sin.” A root sin that goes down into the body and defiles the entire body.

  • Feb 24

    When Jesus Comes, Can You Stay in the House?


    "What God did for that girl, what God did for that guy, what God did for that man...what God did for that woman, God can do for you, if you will open your heart to Him!"

  • Feb 17

    The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived


    "'Until now, you've asked nothing in my name. Ask and you will receive, that your joy might be full.' Ask!"

  • Feb 10

    The Gospel According to Noah


    "Now that we've taken the Word of God and we are throwing it out of our institutions, out of our schools and left to navigate our own sense of righteousness, we are becoming the very people the apostle Paul warned about in the last days."

  • Feb 3

    The Year of Faith and Favor


    "Faith says, 'God, your plan is better.' Favor, is God opening the heart and saying, 'here's everything you're going to need for what I've called you to do, what I've called you to be, and where I've called you to go.' And I believe ...

  • Jan 27

    The Promise of Power


    God is determined to have a people empowered by a spirit of prayer and praise to bring Him glory in these last days. The Holy Spirit will show us the victory we have in Christ and enable us to live a victorious life. Let God's plan ...

  • Jan 20

    When Someone Decides to Pray


    When God is with us the victories are supernatural. We must move out of the place of common thought religion. We must move out the place where there is only thoughts about God but no power of God. Today you are invited outside the camp and ...

  • Jan 13

    Who Is Willing To Pray


    When we don't pray we rob this generation of the power of God. The heart of God is for the redemption of the lost. Real power in prayer comes from knowing the promises of God and believing He will answer us when we cry out to ...

  • Jan 6

    The Strength In a Father's Heart


    There is a God-given power in a father's voice to speak to this generation. The Bible clearly states that there is going to be a calamity in the earth in the last days: the failing and falling of men. God has provided something to break this ...