2 Days Away

The Lord said, “I want you to come back to the house where it all began, fall on your knees in the 20 x 20 square foot room where 400 years ago I answered the prayer of 51 people who gave their all for you so you could be free so you could worship in freedom…which you an I know its in jeopardy in our generation.”

But the Lord said, “I am asking you to come back because I have a mercy moment for you and he spoke to my heart and said I want you to confess the sins of the nation. I want you to call them by their real names…Ask for reconciliation and healing between races…These old wounds that have never been healed in the nation…Ask me to do what only I can do.”
And that’s the only reason we’re going to Plymouth on October the 6th.

There’s no other reason.

Tell everyone and gather your friends and family to pray with us online on October 6th at 7 PM. You can access the live stream on itstimetopray.org.

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